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Top 10: Survival Kit During a Storm

Almost exactly a week after Typhoon Ondoy hit the Philippines and left a trail of destruction, Typhoon Pepeng seeks to outdo its predecessor gathering up 4x the speed of Ondoy and carrying a huge amount of rain as well (not to mention its massive size which all amounts to a class 5 type of typhoon; a super typhoon). Almost exactly a week after Ondoy greatly damaged the country, Pepeng threatens to do the same or, worse, even more. There’s no stopping the inevitable, the rains will come and hit us pretty badly (it won’t stop even if we keep pointing fingers, thanks to Global Warming) and so the only thing we can do left is prepare and pray. In a situation like this, people end up panic-buying in groceries and supermarkets; buying food supplies in bulk, huge amount of water, clothes, boats, rafts, etc. all preparing for the worst. However, amidst all those things we immediately think of buying, here are some things that are very important but we tend to forget…

Besides the usual Jacket, Rain Coat, Umbrella, Cap, and Boots. here are the little things we tend to forget:

10. Any I.D.

Sadly, this is needed if all else fails… After plan B fails… After all back-up is lost… After strong typhoons and floods, sadly, there are always people who get lost and fall victim to these typhoons (fatally, that is). IDs will be helpful in identifying the bodies that are recovered after all the rain and wind. I know it is a bit freaky to pack an ID in your kit, planning for “just-in-case-you-die” situations. Scary but helpful.

9.  Rope

After houses get submerged under the flood water, and all you have left is your life raft or, worse, your roof… A rope is very important in getting you out of such situations. To pull yourself to a strong tree above, on higher ground, or to throw to people for them to pull you up. During emergency cases such as these, ropes are definitely a necessity.

8.  Band-Aid

Flood water is not clean water. Open wounds need clean water. So if you plan to walk through floods to get to better and safer positions, make sure your wounds are covered up tightly. YES, BAND-AIDS HEAL EVERYTHING. But no, seriously… Flood water contains all the dirt underground, the wastes of animals and insects (like rats and cockroaches) and we don’t want anyone ending up in the hospital due to severely infected wounds.

7.  Cellphone Charger/Battery

Connectivity is such an essential feature in today’s usual everyday gadgets, however it will be rendered useless if it has no power source. Always do charge your cellphones before a storm comes, and if ever you do forget to, you’ll never know when you’ll see a free socket/power source. Cellphones are so important to us in an everyday basis, and how much more do you think cellphones are needed during emergency situations?

6.  Extra Socks

In case you end up spending the night somewhere else because there is no safe way to get home, it’s not a nice feeling to spend the night somewhere with wet socks (PLUS, it smells bad). This is more for the people who are on the go and are caught by surprise. Its easier to pack extra socks than extra slippers. 🙂

5.  Lighter

The weather may be wet and moist, and people sometimes lose electricity because of floods but keep warm and to cook food, people need fire! In case of EXTREME EMERGENCIES, you can break in to the local library and burn books there to stay alive (just like in the movies!). But seriously, fire is was essential to human in his primitive days and is still very much important today, and you think amidst an emergency situation like this, fire isn’t needed?

4.  Swiss Knife

It has all the essential things needed to survive (in the jungle…?). A Knife to slash through things, a pair of  Scissors to cut things, a bottle opener, and sometimes even a nail buffer (?!). I don’t think I need explain this much further, everyone knows how important this is. So thank the Swiss! 🙂

3.  Flashlight

You’re stuck in your second floor, the rescue boats are too far to hear you and it’s dark so they can hardly see you.. TADA!! Flashlight. It can be used for this purpose or for the other way around: for looking for more stranded people who need help. Also, if you need things in your house and are threatened by the floods to leave at once, but then there is no power/electricity in your area… Flashlights will help you find the other important items (like the ones on this list!)

2.  Whistle

If a building collapses due to the floods and you are under it, but still alive might I say, there is no way to tell the people on the other side that you are under. A Flashlight will be quite useless because the light might not be able to travel to them if all the holes are blocked… A Whistle MIGHT be able to reach their listening ears! Also, it can be used to let people know that you are trapped in your house or that you have come as a rescuer. Just bring a whistle, please! It’s not as big as a flashlight but is equally important. Plus it does not need a power source or batteries.

1.  Can Opener

After a storm, or even during one, people get all sorts of canned goods to help them get through the storm and the aftermath of it… However, there may be loads of canned goods available (in donations or in evacuation sites) but no matter how fast the distribution of canned goods are and no matter how many canned goods you may have, you still need to open them to be able to eat. So please people, after donating all your canned goods please donate can openers to help as well. BUT DON’T GO BUYING ALL THE CAN OPENERS IN A SUPERMARKET BECAUSE, THOUGH YOU MAY BE HELPING OTHER PEOPLE, THERE WILL BE SOME WHO WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET CAN OPENERS. THANK YOU.

Any comments or suggestions? How about your own top 10 list? Feel free to comment please. Do you have any suggestions for a NEW top 10 list next? Please kindly leave a suggestion. Thank you and God Bless.


2 Responses to “Top 10: Survival Kit During a Storm”

  1. hey mr.possmpble! kelangn dn poh ng bottle ng malinis na 2big.

    “a persn cn srvyv 7 days w/out fud, bt only 24-48 hrs w/out watr.”

    ingat pow!

    • Thank You Ondoy Victim. I decided not to add water (or water bottle for that matter) since water is one of the usual things people buy during a storm.. I decided not to add na 🙂

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