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TOP 10: Filipina TV Celebrities – 2009

This list is NOT based ENTIRELY on looks and body, overall score is what is looked at. How good they act, sing, dance or whatever it is they do.  These are the ten celebrities to look out for either in their previous running TV Shows or in their upcoming ones! Keep up the Good Work Pinays!! Remember, let us all help in whatever way we can, offering food, clothing, services, prayers, etc., during this time of crisis.

rosalinda-casts-photos-03110. Katrina Halili for Rosalinda

After losing the top spot on FHM’s 100 Sexiest women in the World and after having to deal with the scandal issues in the middle of this year, it’s amazing Katrina Halili still managed to bounce back at an excellent rate in her TV series Rosalinda. However, she drops a few spots since she took some time off; also she loses some points since she grabbed a secondary role behind Carla Abellana (from playing the prime time lead role before). She adds flare to the present cast of Rosalinda as she goes back to her comfortable role as the “kontra bida” (antagonist). Her amazing come back brings excitement to her fans who look forward to her next starring role in future teleseryes. Surely, she proves she is still one of the biggest and brightest stars in the industry today.

marian-rivera-darna9. Marian Rivera for Darna

Also after losing her spot in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World, Marian still manages to be chosen to play the role of the ever-famous Darna. However, despite being the beautiful and gorgeous gal that she is (that landed her the Top Spot on FHM’s yearly contest before) and because of the fact that whenever a woman plays the role of Darna, she will automatically be compared to other famous actresses who played the stone-eating super hero, her version of the flying superhero does not exactly equal that of former takers. More recently, Angel Locsin’s Darna is still that is remembered more by people and the TV Show itself saw a drop (at least for the lot I surveyed/interviewed) moving from Angel to Marian. However, despite this, Marian Rivera is Marian Rivera, and Darna is Darna. Who doesn’t love the super strong super hero, super girl who flies around the city killing all those treacherous monsters looking like she was sponsored by McDonald’s? Marian is still one of the elite teleserye actresses today, and she proves it every weeknight in that Darna costume.

KC-designs-to-help8. KC Concepcion for Lovers in Paris

Newly aired TV series Lovers in Paris stars KC Concepcion, and she gets some extra cool points landing Piolo Pascual as her leading man in only her first (I’m pretty sure this is correct…? But hey, correct me if i’m wrong) ever teleserye. Not bad for a first timer! Despite having the looks, she displays her vastly improved acting skills every weeknight in her show. After landing some modeling jobs for clothing businesses and some acting stints here and there (example: Maaalala Mo Kaya) AND some singing gigs as well, she now has stepped foot on the Teleserye route and is ready to conquer it. Everyone, and I mean Everyone (if not, most) respects KC Concepcion, and my golly, if there’s ever a scandal or a negative issue about this woman there would only be two reasons: either the scandal isn’t true, or it is someone who just has the same name as KC. Clearly ready to take on the TV business and confident at it, KC is now one of the rising stars of that industry (despite her being already famous before this).

kristine_hermosa127. Christine Hermosa for Dahil May Isang Ikaw

Ever since, Christine Hermosa has wowed the Filipino crowd with her simple yet elegant beauty. She started out acting in few shows and later on in movies with leading man Jericho Rosales (well, she became a household name at this point) and again, after a long separation and taking time off, the tandem is back in this year’s Dahil May Isang Ikaw. Playing a much mature and serious role (also for Jericho Rosales), Christine Hermosa comes back with a bang playing the role of a lawyer. It’s clear she hasn’t lost that touch she has, on how she captivates the audience with her simple beauty. She is not a loud character, she does not have issues (as much?), she is not usually link to negative news and scandals, her name does not appear in the media as much, yet she still captures the people every time they see her on screen. Much like KC, she is quiet and scandal-less, and that’s that. With an angelic face like that, come on people, what’s not to love? One of the prettiest women to ever appear on screen. Plus everyone loves the Jericho-Christine duo! After being away for some time, she’s back and she’s showing that she still has the star power in her.

rhian_ramos-2009061623132226. Rhian Ramos for Zorro

After starring in a McDonald’s commercial, and after her Captain Barbell stint, she once again stars as Richard Gutierrez’s leading lady in this year’s Zorro. Probably by now, Rhian Ramos is already a household name however she still is noticeably out shined by Richard in both Captain Barbell and Zorro. Despite that, she now separates ways with her leading man and takes on a new role (details are not available. Wait and see what her next project is!!). With a gorgeous face as hers, it’s not possible that she goes around unnoticed, and with her acting skills somewhat improving, she is on the right track to becoming one of the big names in the Filipino Movie Industry (though probably her progress is not as quick and as fast as we all hoped it would be). But nevertheless, there was nothing wrong with the way she played her characters back then, and yet there are some bright spots in her acting skills. Truly, a beautiful rising star in the industry.

89705f0e5. Erich Gonzales for Katorse

One of the fast rising stars in the industry today, Erich Gonzales plays the role of a scandalous girl in her teleserye Katorse. Here she displays her surprisingly magnificent take on her role, and shows she is extremely gifted in her acting skills. She may be a new face for the audience, but don’t let those girlish/teen-ish smile fool you; she knows she can act and she is damn well good at it. Clearly, this is the path for her and in no time, she will become one of the big names to ever take foot in the industry. Katorse is raking up viewer points and is quickly gathering a bigger following by the week! And all that thanks to the wonderful of acting of the cast, especially of the lead role played by none other than Erich Gonzales. Watch out Philippines, a new star is born and the sky is the limit when it comes to her growth and progress.

1_966700085l4. Angel Locsin for Only You

After garnering the top spot in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the world, Angel Locsin maintains her hot streak this in the TV Industry. After earning the top spot, there seems to be an Angel Locsin Media Blast, with all her billboards around the Metro, with all her TV ads around the country and with all her magazine and newspaper ads that are circulating around. Anyone who is (or even who is not) anyone knows Angel Locsin when they see her and clearly she is arguably the biggest female name in the industry today. Not so bad, especially taking into consideration where she had come from. She would probably have ranked higher than all of the celebrities listed here (if the timetable were not only limited to this year) however we have to remember that the list has boundaries and is constricted to only this year. Starring in Only You alongside Sam Milby and Diether Ocampo, despite all the rumors surrounding this lovely lady, people could not help but marvel at her presence in the teleserye and just watch her graciously take the stage. Her show, however, did not take off as I had expected, but it still gathered a big following. With all her endorsements and advertisements, watch out all you other “artistas” — Angel Locsin is here to stay!

carla-abellana3. Carla Abellana for Rosalinda

Carla Abellana is one of the new faces on TV today (at least among the people I had surveyed) yet she shines like a pro. She has a hard and gorgeous face that is intimidating yet warm at the same time. Carla shows that she’s got what it takes to make a name for yourself in the industry, and a big name at that! Rosalinda, the teleserye Carla proudly stars (starred?) shows her magnificent acting skills in the various fields (?) of acting (ex: drama, romance, happy, etc.). Despite leaving the impression of acting like a pro, Carla is relatively a new name in the industry and there still is room to grow. But judging on how she performed in her TV series, there is nothing Carla can’t conquer to make it big in the industry. With all that skill and a beautiful face, it seems like we will be glued to the TV more as the takes on more roles and continues to get better.

1h7e3283-175x3002. Cristine Reyes for Eva Fonda

Cristine Reyes is riding one of the hottest of hot streaks this year (with winning this years FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the world) and there seems to be nothing that can stand in her way. After Eva Fonda though, that ended back in February, she has seen little of air time (with some guest performances here and there like in Banana Split). However, fresh after winning the Top 100, and having the mature and daring urban photo shoot that got media buzzing and the men going crazy, she has taken that streak to the number two (2) spot. In Eva Fonda, Cristine Reyes showed why she is where she is: displaying one of the best actings jobs of the year. However, despite Eva Fonda being the birth spot of one of the present times brightest TV stars, only a few remember Cristine Reyes in her teleserye though they have heard of it. Having said that, you might ask “So despite being pretty and hot, why does the get the number 2 spot?? Heck, Angel, Marian and Katrina were number ones too!” What separates her from all the rest is truly her acting skill – her TV series Eva Fonda won an international award in one of the premier award-giving bodies in Korea, and by doing so Cristine managed to get nominated as Best Actress in a TV Series. With a resume like that, all you other celebrities watch out, there’s a new face and a new superstar today. So step aside everyone, Cristine Reyes is for real and she only gets better!

Well here it is, the moment everyone’s been waiting for… the top spot in this year’s Top 10: Filipina TV Celebrities – 2009 list. And the winner is….

ent4s1. Kim Chiu for Tayong Dalawa

TADA!!!! Kim Chiu has taken the country by storm; we have all seen her as the little teen pretty girl from Pinoy Big Brother however she displayed a more mature and serious role in her teleserye Tayong Dalawa alongside Gerald Anderson, Jake Cuenca, Coco Martin and Cherry Pie Picache. The show became a HUGE success (I THINK it is nominated for Best TV Series this year…?); from the moment it aired on TV, it had people reaching home early enough to watch the series and have their eyes glued on the TV set making sure not to miss a minute of the show. Together with the fame of the show brought fame to the stars of it, and notably for Kim Chiu. She is starting to grow as one of the industry’s biggest and brightest stars today. The show opened even more the already open and aware eyes of the Filipino people in Kim Chiu; she showed her vastly improved acting skills in Tayong Dalawai and continues to grow and improve by the minute. Kim Chiu has every girl wanting to be like her and every guy wanting her, and clearly she has already become a BIG BIG household name today. With television, magazine and billboard ads growing by the day (like Enervon and Bench) we can just imagine the impact and the fame she will attain in the future. Also, with the show already ending, it leaves us to wonder what project and what role she will take on next. But whatever role it may be, i’m sure Kim has the ability to capture the audience again and show her ever progressing talents on screen. With that being said, Kim Chiu has one message to all: she is here to stay, and she is here to conquer.

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Any questions or comments? How about your own top 10 list? We’d be glad to hear from you so please, comment and tell us your thoughts. God bless! And please do pray for the Flood Victims in the Philippines due to Bagyong Ondoy and kindly lend any form of aid or help by sending clothes, money, food, temporary shelter or your prayers to the affected ones. Thank you and have a nice day!

8 Responses to “TOP 10: Filipina TV Celebrities – 2009”

  1. Mahal ko si Hodrey, pero naman. Walang justice. Hindi dapat siya yung number one. I loved Christine Reyes’s cover on FHM last month. REALLY HOT. Hands down for her.

    I want the 30s and 40s list of hotness, Mr. Possimpable! 😛

    P.S. Let’s help the victims of Ondoy in Provident Village, Christine Reyes was one of them! Heh.

  2. Ramon rocks. Always.


  3. There’s good info here. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog. Keep up the good work mate!

  4. deserving naman cia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hindi katulad ng iba.

  5. nako! sino ba yang number 1 na yan? hindi siya deserving ‘no? dapat ako!

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