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Top 10 Secrets of Katipunan – Food

10. Coastnet: Ham n’ Cheese Sandwich – Okay, so many know Coastnet as a place to unwind and have fun with booze and friends. Yes, we must drink and be merry, however what’s a little snack to go along with all that alcohol? If you’re looking for a cheap and tasty snack to accompany your drink, I might suggest their Ham n’ Cheese Sandwich; nothing special, nothing new, nothing really out of this world… it’s just probably their tastiest sandwich that’s easy on the pocket.

Taste: 7.0

Price: 8.0

Visibility: 7.0

X-Factor: 7.5

Total Score: 29.5

9. Hong Kong Style Noodles: Noodles with Siomai –Almost everyone who is anyone (who commutes) in metro manila knows about the growing number of Hong Kong Style Noodles stalls all around the metro. One of these stalls is located in the Katipunan LRT station entrance (okay, it may not be along Katipunan Ave. but it’s in the Katipunan LRT station anyway). I can’t seem to remember the stall’s exact name, however they do sell Hong Kong Style Noodles, and the one dish one must try is their Noodles with Siomai. Their noodler may not be the tastiest noodles (like the one in Ayala MRT station or in Cubao LRT station) but for very low price, you get noodles, two pieces of siomai and your own choice of sauce(s), that’s ain’t so bad is it?

Taste: 7.0

Price: 9.0

Visibility: 6.0

X-Factor: 8.5

Total Score: 30.5

8. Xocolat: Brownies – Okay, this may be one of the sweetest and tastiest treats on the list, however I placed it at number 8 because Xocolat is known for their desserts anyway. However, most people go here to buy lunch and have a slice of cake or pie and some people overlook those individually plastic wrapped brownies located near the cashier. It is really tasty and just the right amount of sweet, it may be quite expensive as compared to the earlier items on the list, but something as good as this deserves a bit of heavy cash.

Taste: 9.0

Price: 7.0

Visibility: 8.5

X-Factor: 8.0

Total Score: 32.5

7. McDonald’s: Hamburger – This secret is practically found in any McDonald’s branch, that’s why it scores especially in the Visibility factor. Everyone knows the famous golden arches and its Big Macs and Quarter Pounders with large fries and extra ketchup, but despite all these upgrades of burgers (like cheeseburger deluxe) and release of new burgers (like double cheeseburger) the basic burgers still do exist. Most people think that the basic burger of McDonald’s is the ever famous Burger McDo however it has a counterpart: the Hamburger; a cheeseburger without the cheese or the mysterious orange burger McDo sauce. Before, it used to be sulit since it cost as much as a Burger McDo only but now its as expernsive as a Cheeseburger! So the same amount of money for a cheeseburger without cheese. It used to be sulit to go over the counter and ask for a HAMBURGER, but now it’s become more for fun.

Taste: 8.5

Price: 7.0

Visibility: 9.5

X-Factor: 8.5

Total Score: 33.5

5 (tie). Happy Homes: Porkchop – Tasty, heavy, only for delivery! Low Price, heavy meal, very ‘invisible’. Happy Homes has lots of rice meals to choose from, however among all these tasty treats the Pork Chops are one of the really delicious ones. However, despite all the yummy food Happy Homes loves to offer, I decided not to display their contact numbers; it’s forall of you to find out.

Taste: 8.0

Price: 9.0

Visibility: 9.5

X-Factor: 7.0

Total Score: 33.5

5 (tie). Luyong: Fried Rice – Looking for a cheap heavy meal yet with some style? Luyong offers lots of different kinds of food, from pancit to lumpiang shanghai, from chicken to beef to pork. However, what separates them from the others is their tasty yet cheap fried rice. Yummy and best for sharing! It is quite expensive when only 1-2 people dine in, but as the number of friends increase, the more sulit it becomes. Located on the street parallel to Katipunan ave., behind Bo’s Coffee, if you’re looking for a great place to celebrate and eat with friends in Katipunan Ave., then Luyong is the place to be!

Taste: 8.5

Price: 8.75

Visibility: 8.0

X-Factor: 8.75

Total Score: 33.5

TOP 4 are the foods that do not need any introduction, They are all must tries and will not fail to satisfy and make you crave for more. If you have not tasted them, you must get your hands on them now =)

4. Sisig Hooray: Chicken Sisig

3. Julie’s: Krinkles

2. Internet Cafe : “Super Meal”

1. Shoppersville: California Maki

3 Responses to “Top 10 Secrets of Katipunan – Food”

  1. bitin naman ako ser. hahaha may culinary secrets pang tinatago ang KATIPUNAN hahahhaa

  2. Hey, Mr. Possimpable. I LOOOOOOOOVE Xocolat’s brownies. They’re really the right kind of sweet — lalo na the Peanut Butter brownie. I love your posts!

    I am your number one fan! ❤


  3. there’s also another chocolat (without the x) along xavierville ave. best chocolate cakes in the world i must say. the BEST.

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