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Top 10: TV Series

No reason is necessary for TV.

With the variety of shows that we have today, it is not hard to believe that TV addicts are growing by the million. Knowing this, a curiosity regarding which TV series appeal to people the most came about within the group thus the Top 10 TV Series 🙂

1. How I Met Your Mother
2. House
3. Gossip Girl
4. CSI
5. 90210
6. Private Practice
7. Chuck
8. Scrubs
9. Prison Break
10. Heroes

** Coming up with this list, I first asked a few (10) people to name TV series that they enjoy watching. After that, I made a poll with the compiled list and asked another group of people (40)to rank the shows in order of their preference. This list is, therefore, merely a combination of the opinion of a number of random people who are neither experts in the industry nor an authority in this matter — they just, like us, watch TV.

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