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Top 10: Things to do during breaks in the Ateneo

Life has changed, ever since we have entered college. Times have changed when school used to start at 7:30 and end at 4:30 every single day. Gone are the day where everyone had lunch breaks from 12 to 1 routinely. Nowadays, each college student is unique and every single one has a different break time, a time to relax, and a time to unwind. So what do College students in the Ateneo do while they are not in class? I went across the ateneo and made a short questionare and distributed it to some people that i know, roughly around 30 people. I gathered all the results and this is one I came up with.

The top 10 most popular things to do while on break in the Ateneo

1. Eat at the CAF or at SOM mall

2. Play online games in katip

3. Sit down at the Sec walk benches

4. Watch a movie at eastwood or gateway

5. Stay in the drom

6. Stay in the org room

7. Stay in the library

8. Go to starbucks

9. Drink in drews or coastnet

10. Gym in Moro.


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