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Top 10: Casual DS Games

10. Gardening Mama

Gardening Mama Cover

The latest entry in the “Mama” series, the titular character proves that  shes more than just a cook by now entering into the realm of gardening, while still following on its predecessor’s formula of fun mini-games that made them so popular. In a way, not much has changed in this game from Cooking Mama, but it is one of those games that can really help in passing the time.

9. Crosswords DS (also known as CrossworDS)


Now, Crossword addicts have something to play on the DS as well! CrossworDS may just be a simple porting of the Crossword games we all know and love onto the DS, but no doubt it is still a rather fun game to play, with tons of puzzles inside to keep you occupied for hours on end. Plus, you can play it sideways, like a book, so playing is made simpler and unique. A great game to have if you just want to sit back and relax.

8. Cooking Mama 2: Dinner With Friends


The sequel to the successful “Cooking Mama” game for the DS, but now with even more mini-games, recipies, and unlockables to enjoy. Players can now choose a recipes from various countries available, and thus make their favorite foods on the DS. There are now also “missions” in the game, where you have to impress the other friends of Mama by cooking their favorite dishes as well. For unlockables, not only can you get new recipes, but you can also get new decorations for your completed dishes, and even customize the designs of the kitchen you are in, and the clothes of Mama.

7. Ninjatown


Oddly enough, even though the game has this cute and cuddly design thing going on, it is actually a tower defense game! However, it is still able to turn it into a really fun game for hours on end. If tower defense games seem overused and sometimes even too complicated to play, this game will definitely change your mind. Even though the difficulty can get rather high later on, the game is still really fun to play. And besides, you have ninjas on your side!

6. Nintendogs

Nintendogs - Best Friends Version

This may already be considered as an old game for the DS, but no doubt it is still part of the must-have games on the DS for the casual gamer. In this game, you take care of a puppy of your choosing (with the dog’s breed dependent on what version of Nintendogs you got). You feed the dog, give it a bath, take it out for walks, and even train them, just like in real life! This game even takes advantage of the built-in DS microphone, allowing you to give commands to your dog by just voicing them out. After that, you can enter your dog in contests of your choosing, and aim to win awards and (in-game) cash prizes!

5. Tetris DS

Tetris DS

Who doesn’t love tetris? Or at least, who doesn’t KNOW tetris? This popular classic is now on the DS, with a lot of nifty new modes and features. Aside from the usual single player mode and VS computer mode, there are now new modes like Push, Puzzle, Mission, and a lot more. Of course, you can also play multiplayer with other people on DS wireless, or even using Nintendo Wi-Fi. Don’t forget that cameos of various Nintendo characters pop up all over the place to really give you that sense of nostalgia.

4. New Super Mario Bros.

New Super Mario Brothers

Remember the old platformer Mario games? Where you looked like you were some mustachioed fat man wearing suspenders, jumping on floating pieces of brick and various mushrooms and turtles? Well, this game revisits those old days of jumping and pounding, with pretty new graphics to suit the DS, and a lot more new powerups (as seen in the box art, there’s now a giant mushroom that allows you to grow as big as the screen itself) and features (like a lot of new mini-games if you don’t feel like playing the main game. There’s also multiplayer for them too). One of the more recommended games here.

3. Mario Kart DS

Mario Kart DS

It’s really just funny seeing Mario at almost every kind of game possible, like golf, tennis, basketball, soccer, and whatnot. However, we can be all sure that Mario is still famous aside from the adventure genre, and one good example is racing; more specifically, Mario Kart. And in Mario Kart DS, it just improves what the SNES and the N64 versions have done well already. Fun racing, tons of powerups to use in-game to raise that fun bar even further, and of course, last but not least, multiplayer. Even if racing is not your forte, this is one other game you also must get.

2. Mario Party DS

Mario Party DS

Ah, the famous Mario Party series. Always a great game to have, but it truly shines when you have a lot of people playing with you. And of course, they just make it better on the DS, with the added bonus that the game is now portable, so you can play it anywhere. As always, there are just chock-full of mini-games here, all integrated into a boardgame-like gameplay for all players. Another must-have game, especially amongst friends.

1. Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Professor Layton and the Curious Village

This game really deserves special mention. Even though it is just a puzzle game, these are the kinds of puzzles that will really make you think, and there are a lot of them. That, coupled with a rather interesting story, and some unlockables of its own, makes this a top pick even for those who aren’t that interested in the puzzle genre.

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  1. This Top Ten List is REALLY ACCURATE.

    I likey :))

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