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Top 10: Disney Hotties

Biceps, Pecs, Chests and six-pack abs. These are the things girls fall for in a guy, and not to mention strikingly handsome faces to add to those rock hard bodies. For this entry, we shall judge the following characters based on the given criteria:

1. Face Value (25%)

2. Body (25%)

3. Popularity (20%)

4. X-Factor (30%)

Go Ahead and enjoy the top 10 hottest Disney male characters! Haha. And to kick things off, here is David Kawena from the movie Lilo and Stitch!


10.  David Kawena ( “Lilo and Stitch”)

We all know about Lilo and her ukulele-playing alien pet Stitch aka Experiment 626. The film was nominated for an Oscar back in 2002 for Best Animated Feature but ultimately lost to Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. Despite being a movie more for the kids, there was a lone stand out hottie in David Kawena (voiced by Jason Scott Lee). Though he never really got the chance to show his stuff, he still manages to land the number 10 spot.

Face Value: 21%semi-long hair, thick eyebrows. mmmm!

Body: 23% bulging biceps, and surfer abs. What’s not to like?

Popularity: 12% – despite his film racking up $145,794,338 in the US and Canada alone, and $127,349,813 internationally ($273,144,151 in total), he never really had time to shine.

X-Factor: 27% – He scores high for being a surfer dude (everyone loves a surfer dude!) and extra kinky points for his nipple ring. Amazing!

Total Score: 83


9. Jim Hawkins (“Treasure Planet”)

Starring in a 140 million dollar movie, Jim Hawkins (voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) showed everyone that he was more than a typical teenager. At  a very young age of 15, Jim has already experienced much, flying to other planets in spaceships and whatnot. His movie, despite being the “first major (studio) feature” to be shown both in normal and IMAX theaters at the same time, only racked up roughly $148,000,000. Despite performing poorly in the box office, it can be seen that Jim Hawkins is one of the top hotties to come out of Disney.

Face Value: 22%Teen bad boy look.

Body: 21% – Teen bad boy look.

Popularity: 15% – Despite his movie performing poorly, he still starred in it and it managed to be nominated in the 2002 Academy Awards for Animated Feature Film.

X-Factor: 26% – Tattoo’s a plus! And the ‘buntot’ adds a little flavor.

Total score: 84


8. Tarzan

In this 1999 Disney film, Tarzan (voiced by Tony Goldwyn) stars in his self-named movie based on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan of the Apes). Clearly, his movie is one of the most famous and successful animated feature of Disney, making $171,091,819 in the US alone and $448,191,819 worldwide. Because of its  success, surpassing movies such as Mulan and Hercules before it, Tarzan is seen by some as Disney’s last ‘Big Hit’ before the 2000 era. It was also the Disney’s first animated feature to be released as #1 in the box office since Pocahontas. Its amazing that his body is in such tip-top shape despite not having a gym anywhere near him. Maybe all those vine swinging, tree jumping acrobatics did the magic.

Face Value: 21% – Surprisingly handsome despite living with apes in the jungle. Impressive!

Body: 25%All natural! No protein shakes or dumbells included.

Popularity: 19%Known worldwide! Especially for his roar+chest beating combination. Wild man!

X-Factor: 22% – He lived with apes! Some may find it exciting, others gross. Still, the scar on his chest just has to add points!

Total Score: 87


7.[tie] Capt. John Smith (“Pocahontas”) – John starred in the movie “Pocahontas” alongside fellow star Pocahontas (who starred as Makaota) and Thomas (voiced by Christian Bale). Though many know the Walt Disney animated movie, that became a hit back in 1995, only a few know that there is a real and factual story behind it.  However, despite Pocahontas being a huge success ($141,579,773 in the US and $346,079,773 worldwide) Capt. John Smith (voiced by Mel Gibson) was clearly the standout ‘Hottie’ in Walt Disney’s 33rd Animated Feature.

Face Value: 23% Long hair, striking looks. What’s not to love about that?

Body: 23% – More on the buff side, but lean nonetheless.

Popularity: 17% – His movie was a great success, but fell short to its  predecessor Lion King. Though his movie was and still is famous all over the world, Pocahontas is still a lot more famous than her co-star.

X-Factor: 25%  – He’s a captain for crying out loud. Enough said.

Total Score: 88


7. [tie] Capt. Li Shang (“Mulan”)

Starring alongside Fa Mulan in the 1998 Disney animated feature hit Mulan, Capt. Li Shang (voiced by B.D. Wong) showed everyone his skill with the sword, his superior war tactics, his excellent leadership skills, and of course his muscular physique. Nothing stands in Li Shang’s way, his bravery conquered all the Huns and saved his hometown; nothing except of course Fa Mulan. His excellent martial arts skills separates him from all other captains in this list, placing him at number six. His movie was a huge success, totalling $120,000,000 in the US and $304,000,000 worldwide. Many people know this very popular animated feature that was nominated for an academy award for best original score in 1998, however few know that this film was actually based on a real chinese legend; that of Hua Mulan.

Face Value: 22%Styles the famous Chinese Samurai hairstyle. Classic!

Body:23% – His constant Martial Arts training keeps his body in tip-top condition.

Popularity: 17% – Everyone knows him as “Mulan’s Man”, and few know his real name.

X- Factor: 26% – A general, a captain. A true man!

Total Score: 88


5. Prince Phillip (“Sleeping Beauty”)

Prince Phillip, son of King Hubert , starred in the 1959 movie Sleeping Beauty alongside fellow superstar Princess Aurora.  Their movie was the 16th animated feature in the Animated Classic series of Disney and was the last fairy tale to be produced by Walt Disney himself. Originally, his movie raked in $48 million and costing $6 million, however after a few adjustments and re-releases, the movie totals in roughly $478,220,000.00, ranking in the top 30 of all-time adjusted films. Despite the title, Princess Aurora was only seen in the movie for about 18 minutes! That’s why Prince Phillip (voiced by Bill Shirley) got the spotlight and earned his right as Disney’s #5 hottie.

Face Value: 23%Good boy look, boy next door. Typical prince!

Body: 24% – Playing polo is probably his favorite hobby. And probably has his own gym in his palace.

Popularity: 17% – his movie was released in 1959, and is considered by some as one of the most successful animated features ever made.

X-Factor: 28% – He’s a prince for crying out loud. Bravery and skills are a plus too, beating out the dragon-witch Malificent and saving Aurora. Who doesn’t want a handsome strong man as your knight in shining armor??

Total Score: 92


4.[tie] Hercules

Starring in his own movie about his life, Hercules (aka Heracles), son of Zeus, blasts the competition and finishes at #4. His movie, Hercules, was released back in 1997 and raked in a massive $252 million wolrdwide and is a part of the Disney Renaissance from 1989-1999. Hercules (voiced by Tate Donovan) shined throughout the movie, knocking out the cyclops, slaying the hydra, beating tornados and volcanos, and defeating his nemesis Hades and still manages to win Meg’s heart. His movie was a success, garnering numerous award nominations, and none bigger than the Academy Award nomination it receieved for Best Original Score. With his god-like strength, and out-of-this-world charm, Hercules crash lands at the #4 spot.

Face Value:22%Curly hair, weird chin. haha! But still, god-like looks. and Charming eyes.

Body:24%Biceps as big as tree trunks? and 20 abs? is that too little for a God like Herc? Majestic!

Popularity:19% – Known throughout the world, since the beginning of time. But his movie isnt as famous as his story.

X-Factor: 30%He’s a God for crying out loud. He’s the (next) King of the Heavens!

Total Score: 95


4. [tie] William Turner

Starring side by side with movie giants such as Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley, Will Turner (played by Orlando Bloom) stood his own ground. From being a blacksmith to a normal pirate crew member to the king of the seas, Will Turner turned on the char and sending young teenagers crying out for more. Okay, that may a bit ‘hyperbolic’, but nonetheless, Will Turner was clearly the hottie in the movie. Despite living the life of a pirate, he still managed to look as good and handsome as ever. Though he may not be the lead character in the 3 part movie series (however there is word that there will be a fourth movie to be released), the first movie, Black Pearl, earned an outstanding and unexpected $654 million worldwide. The second movie, Dead Man’s Chest, set new records back then with a total of $136 million weekend opener, and $1 Billion total sales (behind only Titanic and Lord of the Rings: Return of the King) and is Disney’s most successfull movie. The third movie earned $960 million worldwide, but is one of, if not THE most expensive Hollywood movie ever produced at $300 million. With all his success, Will Turner sails through the competition at #4

Face Value:24% – Hard not to notice how handsome he is, depsite having all that pirate facial hair.

Body: 24%Doesn’t get enough gym workouts since he is forever stuck at sea, but sexy does it.

Popularity: 20%Perfect score for playing a major role in Disney’s most successful movie so far.

X-Factor: 27%He is the King of the Sea, remember? Well if he doesn’t turn into a sea creature, he won’t be leaving the top ten anytime soon. However being a pirate, girls will see him as either surprisingly hot and mysterious or dirty and disgusting.

Total Score: 95


2. Aladdin

Starring in his own, self-named 1992 movie, Aladdin surprises eveyone at #2. From being a market rat, to being a fake prince, Aladdin scores high for his charm and being able to make a princess fall in love with a rat like him. Aladdin (voiced by Scott Weinger) is by far one of the most famous Disney characters ever, with his film being released at the peak stage of the Disney Renaissance era. His first movie raked in roughly $721 million dollars worldwide, and together with The Genie and Abu by his side, as he  defeats serpent-magician turned sorcerer Jafar and saves his beloved Princess Jasmine he rides his magic carpet all the way to the number 2 spot. Despite his fictional movie being such a hit worldwide, little do people know that the tale of Aladdin did not actually start with Disney, but rather it is a true folktale from One Thousand and One Nights.

Face Value:24%A princely face, with long hair. Hottie!

Body:23%Lean and slim yet muscular. However lacks in ab-count.

Popularityn:20%He can show you the world!

X-Factor: 30%Heavenly voice, has a loyal genie by his side, has a palace, won a Princess’ Heart and is the King of the Skies! Not bad for a “rat”.

Total Score:97

Prince-Eric-The-Little-Mermaid 1. Prince Eric

The Champ is here! The true prince charming has finally arrived, charming the hearts of millions and impressing both god and man at the same time. Prince Eric (voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes) stars alongside superstar Princess Ariel (voiced by Jodi Benson) in their 1989 blockbuser animated feature, The Little Mermaid. This movie marked the beginning of the Disney Renaissance period, earning $200 million worldwide and garnering an Academy Awards for both Original Score and Best Song (wherein it had 2 nominations for the same award). With his perfect charm, looks, and body, who wouldn’t fall for a prince charming such as Eric? Well, here it is, his crowning moment. Prince Eric rides his horse all the way to the top and is by far the Hottest Disney male character.

Face Value: 25% – HANDSOME.

Body:25% – Perfect mix of muslce and mass.

Popularity: 18% – He is known for being handsome, but still not known quite enough. Probably the most famous true prince in Disney history but still not world renowned.

X-Factor: 30% – Has a  secret bad-boy side (tattoo explains it), plus has a palace to live in, he was a true Prince, a King of both land and the underwater world as he marries the princess mermaid Ariel.

Total Score: 98

All pictures, thanks to Pinewood Designs! Well, thats it. Any comments or arguments? Any reactions? Please do comment πŸ™‚


5 Responses to “Top 10: Disney Hotties”

  1. I don’t mind the ranking… but the artworks are superb! magnificent.

    • Well, the pictures pretty much came from Pinewood Designs (click the link), there are more pictures and artworks there. πŸ™‚

  2. Love the artwork. I think Jack Sparrow is quite the hottie, but he got no love. Oh well.

  3. The pictures are drool-worthy. I don’t mind going back to this site and stare at the pictures all day long.

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